Three Basics for an Inspired Job Search

Apr 2, 2020 | Job Search, Networking

How to Keep Your Job Search Energized

Often, job seekers hit the search trail with great intention and energy. They polish their resume, write truly profound cover letters, and blanket their target markets with submissions online. When a few days or even weeks pass with little or no response from the market, their once passionate search for an ideal job turns to a daily trudge. 

What can you do to keep your job search active, moving forward and infused with positive energy? The answer is and always will be proper planning, checklists and life balance

Start Smart

Before you begin your search, know your end goal, which means asking and documenting answers to questions such as:

  • What are the titles you would like to hold?
  • How far are you willing to commute?
  • What other industries outside of where you have worked are you interested in exploring?

Set a Regimen

Examine your professional network and make lists of contacts who could offer input and guidance or an inroad to target organizations. Determine the daily and weekly tasks that you will need to engage in (applications, follow-up, networking, research, etc.) and make lists so that you can check these off each day as they are completed. This helps you to feel accomplished even on days when no one is tracking you down. ECP offers an excellent tool in our exclusive JobRamp job research and management portal, which helps clients execute and order research as well as manage reports. 

Take Time for YOU

Be sure that your search effort is just one part of your day that is filled with other responsibilities and activities such as exercise, family (you won’t be off work forever), relaxation, and more. Many job seekers become obsessed with the idea that the harder they work at their search, the faster they will get hired. Yes, it is true that the more you push out the more likely you will get a response, but you must also work smart with precision and strategy. We all think better when we are well fed, well rested with endorphins flowing from exercise.

Let Us Help You

The dedicated team members at Executive Career Partners have years of experience in guiding job seekers through their search. They can show you how to effectively identify your goals, develop your contact list, and set a daily routine. Don’t take it on alone, learn more about how we can tailor your individual job search journey. Start here.