The High Season of Hiring

Oct 25, 2022 | Current Events, Job Search

The High Season of Hiring

One of the U.S. economic indicators was reported this morning… first-time jobless claims, which unexpectedly dropped to a 3-week low.

Recently, the media has exaggerated the slowdown in the job market. While the media is portraying a decline, this week alone, several of our clients accepted a job offer.

What we are actually in is a “high season” of hiring as many companies are furiously attempting to onboard open positions budgeted for 2022 and triggering budgeted positions for 2023, based on over-performing EBITDAs.

An interesting graph below shows that the “prime-age” employment is close to actual pre-pandemic levels. Pay special attention to this information weekly as it tells an accurate story about real-time positive and negative movements of the hiring market.

Employment Rate

The current economy is allowing job-seekers to have a louder voice at the table concerning compensation packages. Employers are being much more responsive and flexible with onboarding compensation packages. Not only have companies on average budgeted 3% of their entire payroll for hiring costs but benefits as well.

Benefits Rising

If you have been seriously considering a career change soon, this may be the optimal time to enter the arena. While the job seeker may have the upper hand, this will not be a long-term play. If your solo search efforts find you consistently swimming upstream, not gaining any traction, and you are in a position that you need while hoping to cope, reach out. Let us know how we can help you with you whether you have questions or comments, or if you simply need additional information. 


Information reported by Market Watch:

Patrick Lage

Written By: Patrick Lage, Senior Regional Director

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