Keep Calm and Carry On – It’s Just a Job Search

Jun 28, 2023 | Overcoming Perceived Liabilities

Keep Calm and Carry On


Welcome, oh, seekers of the next career adventure! You are engaging in a known erratic exercise called the job hunt. It’s challenging, it’s demanding, and yes, it can even encroach on your social life. 

During part 8 of this 8-part series for navigating the challenging parts of your job search process, we will explore strategies to streamline this journey and keep your cool intact. 


Part 8: It’s Just a Job Search


The Power of Routine

First off, the power of routine is indispensable. Regularity and consistency might seem mundane, but in the chaotic world of job hunting, they become your compass. By allocating specific hours of the day to tackle the job search activities, you can effectively partition your time, leaving ample space for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits.

You Are Not Alone

Next up, remember you are not alone in this pursuit. Many resources are waiting to be harnessed, from professional networking platforms to seasoned mentors and recruiters. Aligning with these can drastically elevate your job-hunting game. They can provide insights, open doors, and offer support in the face of challenges. You are part of a community; lean on it.

Cultivate Peace Amongst the Turmoil

Stress is an inevitable byproduct of job hunting. It’s easy to let it take over, but it’s essential to cultivate peace amidst the tumult. Practice mindfulness, take breaks, and allow yourself moments of calm. Engage in activities you enjoy and that recharge your batteries. When you “mess up,” you will because you walk upright and breathe, don’t lose your cool. If your Zoom interview is more like a rejected episode of The Office, chuckle and be glad to have had your big fail moment virtually. Taking the ups and downs of the job search coaster lightly will keep you moving forward with a fresh approach and a mindset that is now proven to stay optimistic.

Embrace the Process

And finally, always embrace the process with an infallible positive attitude. Job hunting is an arduous journey, but remember, each interview, and each application, is a stepping stone toward your goal. Learn from each experience, and don’t lose heart if things don’t pan out as expected. Keep going, keep growing, and know that your persistence will pay off.



In the end, remember this: the job hunt is not just a means to an end; it’s an enriching experience that can teach you valuable lessons and accelerate growth that was dormant while you trudged to your old 9-5 role. You’re not just searching for a job; you’re building the career of your dreams. It’s the adventure you allow it to be. Stay motivated, and success will follow.

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Written By: Terri Wiksten, Chief Operating Officer

Terri Wiksten is a dynamic powerhouse who works harder than anyone you know and tackles every task with 100% effort while maintaining her enthusiastic, cheerleader attitude!

She loves helping professionals save time and money as they search for their next challenge and thrives on how technology turned this industry on its head, allowing for constant change and opportunity to do things better and more effectively for our clients.