Is Your Professional Brand McDonald’s or Mercedes?

Jul 10, 2023 | Professional Brand

Is Your Professional Brand McDonald’s or Mercedes?


This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, wear-your-best-suit-and-smile advice. Oh no, we’re about to flip the script. Picture this: You, the hotshot senior-level job seeker, are not just a candidate. You, my friend, are a brand. 

The question then becomes, is your brand more McChicken or S-Class Coupe? Yes, you read that right. McDonald’s or Mercedes. Think about it: both are well-known, successful brands, but they cater to very different markets and portray vastly different images. 

So here are five key points to ensure you’re exuding more of that Mercedes luxury than McDonald’s, well, value.


Part 1: Your Professional Brand


Quality Over Quantity 

Does Mercedes manufacture millions of cars a day, like how McDonald’s flips burgers? Heck no! They focus on creating a limited number of meticulously crafted vehicles. Similarly, as a senior professional, your brand should prioritize quality. Quality of work, quality of connections, quality of leadership. Aim to be the handmade, limited edition vintage piece, not the mass-produced off-the-shelf product.

Show ’em the Price Tag

Mercedes doesn’t shy away from displaying its premium price tag. That’s because they know the value of their product. So, know your worth and don’t be afraid to flaunt it. Don’t just recite your resume; showcase your achievements, your awards, your groundbreaking ideas. That high-level expertise didn’t come for free, did it?

Customize, Customize, Customize

Ever seen a custom burger at McDonald’s? Now, Mercedes they do customization like Picasso did painting. The same goes for your brand. Personalize your offerings for each position you apply for. Tailor your CV, create a job-specific cover letter, and engage in a company-specific conversation. Remember, your brand isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s couture, baby!

The Devil’s in the Details

Mercedes’ attention to detail is legendary. Even the tiny Mercedes logo on the gear stick screams luxury. As a senior professional, you need to be just as thorough. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Show attention to detail in your presentations, correspondence, and appearance. Heck, even your email signature should scream ‘premium’!

Reliability is Sexy

Here’s the deal: A Mercedes isn’t just a pretty face, it’s reliable. And in the corporate world, reliability is a very, very attractive quality. Be the one who delivers, consistently. Be the go-to expert, the problem-solver, the steady hand in a crisis. Not as flashy as being the ‘idea guy’, perhaps, but believe me, it’ll get your engine purring in no time.

Being more Mercedes than McDonald’s isn’t about being snooty or out-of-reach. It’s about recognizing your value, showcasing your unique qualities, and never settling for less. 



Remember, in this metaphor, you’re not trying to sell fast food; you’re a high-performance machine with a sleek exterior and an even more impressive engine. So, polish that hood, rev up that resume, and take your brand for a victory lap on the job circuit. Happy hunting!

Patrick Lage

Written By: Terri Wiksten, Chief Operating Officer

Terri Wiksten is a dynamic powerhouse who works harder than anyone you know and tackles every task with 100% effort while maintaining her enthusiastic, cheerleader attitude!

She loves helping professionals save time and money as they search for their next challenge and thrives on how technology turned this industry on its head, allowing for constant change and opportunity to do things better and more effectively for our clients.