Gentle Polite Persistence

May 7, 2024 | Featured, Networking, Professional Brand

In the competitive landscape of executive job searches, following up effectively is critical. Striking the right balance between persistence and respect is key. In conversations this week with the Career Strategists at Executive Career Partners, we discussed what gentle, polite persistence means in a job search. Below, you’ll find five refined strategies that will keep you in consideration for roles without risking becoming overbearing.


Prompt and Thoughtful Post-Interview Follow-Up

Following an interview, sending a thank-you email within 24 hours is crucial. This immediate follow-up demonstrates gratitude and reinforces your enthusiasm for the role. Enhance your message by expressing eagerness to learn about the next steps and hinting at your readiness for further discussions. This keeps the conversation flowing and shows your proactive interest without being pushy. This leads me to the next point: Always add value; be sure to offer one additional asset to them as their selection for the role.


Add Value in Every Follow-Up

Make each follow-up count by providing something of value. This could be an insightful article relevant to a topic discussed during your interview or a piece of industry news that could impact the company. Such thoughtful contributions show your commitment to the role and the company’s success, distinguishing you from other candidates who might simply check-in for status updates.


Strategic Engagement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a unique platform for connecting with industry leaders and potential employers. Rather than bombarding contacts with messages, focus on engaging with their posts meaningfully—like, comment, and share content thoughtfully. This method helps you maintain visibility and interest without seeming desperate. It also builds a foundation for organic, professional relationships.


 Adhere to a Considerate Follow-Up Timeline

Creating a respectful follow-up timeline is essential. If your interviewer gives you a timeframe, respect it and wait to follow up. If no specific date is mentioned, waiting two weeks before reaching out is a sensible approach. This schedule shows that you are mindful of the hiring process and are serious about the opportunity without overwhelming your contacts with frequent communications.


Show Continuous Gratitude and Understanding

Always express your thanks for the chance to apply and interview and for any responses you receive during your follow-ups. Demonstrate your flexibility by acknowledging the complexities of the hiring process. This not only exhibits your patience but also your respect for the challenges faced by the hiring team.


Mastering gentle, polite persistence is about showing dedication to the position while honoring the boundaries of the hiring process. By employing these five strategies, you will keep yourself on the radar of potential employers positively and respectfully, ensuring you leave a memorable and favorable impression as both interested and considerate.

Patrick Lage

Written By: Terri Wiksten, Chief Operating Officer

Terri Wiksten is a dynamic powerhouse who works harder than anyone you know and tackles every task with 100% effort while maintaining her enthusiastic, cheerleader attitude!

She loves helping professionals save time and money as they search for their next challenge and thrives on how technology turned this industry on its head, allowing for constant change and opportunity to do things better and more effectively for our clients.