It’s official…Executive Career Partners is now offering companies the opportunity to provide our proven career transition programs for your departing staff. For years top executives, rising managers, directors and VPs have made a personal investment in our firm in order to Get Hired Faster.

We love helping professionals find their career calling, so why not offer our confirmed programs to businesses that are striving to help outgoing employees.


Customized Go-To-Market Campaigns

Solutions for ALL Compensation Levels

Tools to Attract Opportunities in Diverse Industries

Access to 24/7 Research & Emerging Jobs

Accredited Career Strategists

ATS-Optimized, Keyword-Rich Resumes

Anticipated Content For All Job Search Situations

Interviewing & Negotiation Support


Tom Kondo, HR Leader & Former Client had this to say…

“I really wanted to ensure that our folks were taken care of. Traditionally we’ve used very basic outplacement providers which was alright for more junior-level employees, but folks that are new to outplacement or who are more senior, I felt like there had to be something better out there. And I just so happened to meet with an executive at ECP and the concept just made a lot of sense.

I volunteered to be a beta tester of the program because I knew I was going to be transitioning into a contractor status with New Zealand Air. The angle that ECP approaches the job search for a seasoned professional – there’s just things that I learned like how to put yourself out there, both on social media and with multiple resumes on all the other channels that got me the role I have right now.

Going forward, the techniques that I learned will be the ones that I’ll use in my career and with those I’m responsible for.”

 Eric Johnson, CHRO & Former ECP Client had this to say…

“I had an outstanding experience with ECP. My counselor, Terri Wiksten, was absolutely top-notch, professional and delivered on every item promised in our contract. I was provided with a number of outstanding, tailored resume’s, a professional website, and expert coaching in networking, optimizing LinkedIn and other sources, and in utilizing my networked contacts to carry my resume and advocated on my behalf. I give ECP all the credit for me landing the high level executive position that I am now enjoying! Thank you ECP and thank you Terri for truly delivering on the goods!!”

 Miles McNamee, C-Level Leader & ECP Client had this to say…

 “I influenced the selection of ECP as the provider for myself and several others, primarily because ECP had helped me make a great move a few years prior. I can honestly say that ECP is my career transition partner of choice. The Business Intelligence resources they provided coupled with the right contact information, and scoops on the latest staffing movement, helped me prepare for and secure a trial engagement that led to my new employer creating an ideal position and an exceptional offer. If you’re considering ECP, don’t hesitate, they are terrific to work with.”