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If This Sounds Like You…

  • I am currently unemployed
  • I am technically challenged
  • I am too generalized
  • I am too specialized
  • I was an entrepreneur
  • I am too old
  • I stayed at one firm too long
  • I have only been in one industry
  • I am leaving the military
  • I have no degree



Strategic Support

Top job search tools and technologies with proven strategy and support.

Personal Website

A customized website that displays your experience, skills and personal brand materials.

Resumes & More

Outperform the competition with the best materials.

Social Media Branding

LinkedIn profile Optimization and tips for a strong professional social media presence.

Business Insights & Contacts

Customized, exclusive data and contacts to connect clients with the right companies.

Ongoing Career Benefits

Be prepared for what’s next with our ongoing services.


To support our clients through their career transition, ECP has built a job search management tool on the renowned Salesforce platform. JobRAMP helps you organize your search, provides you a way to access information from our global data partners, and gives you access to more resources for your search.
Jerald C.

“Working with ECP has been an outstanding and beneficial experience. Their processes and materials are exactly what I needed.”

– Jerald C.

“Working with ECP and my Career Strategist can best be described as exceptional.”

– Suresh B.

Cindy R.

“I am so grateful I decided to use ECP to assist, guide and coach me during my job search. It has made such a HUGE DIFFERENCE in so many ways.”

– Cindy R.

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Mitigate Your Liabilities and Get Hired!

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Creating a Strong Personal Brand

Creating a Strong Personal Brand

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Network and Get Back to Work Faster

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