Go-To-Market Strategy for Your Job Search

Jan 17, 2022 | Job Search

Create, implement, and launch a Go-To-Market Strategy for yourself and Get Hired Faster with ECP!

A go-to-market strategy (GTM) is a tactical plan that includes and summarizes all your moves in order to hit the mark in a new market when you’re launching a new product or company. In this case, you are launching information about yourself to prospective clients. According to a recent survey by Fidelity Investments, 39% of currently employed people across all ages are planning on finding a new job in 2022. That’s a lot of competition, so your GMT is especially important right now.   

1. Target Audience and Target Market

As with most GTM strategies, the first step is to identify your target audience and target market. When you partner with the ECP-Careers.com Career Strategist (CS) you have access to search engines and tools to help you find and laser into your target audience and target market.

2. Tools Are Only As Good As You Utilize Them

Search engines and tools are only as good as you utilize them! You will create a strategy with your ECP CS that utilizes everything from rewritten resumes and letters to a website that homes in on your specific experience and skills with metrics to back them. Ideally, the brand of you will show all the solutions you offer for your target employer.

3. Unique Value Proposition

Every material that is created about you including your resumes, letters, and website defines and shows your unique value proposition (UVP.) In other words, what the brand of YOU brings to the prospective employer beyond everyone else. After all, there is only one YOU!

4. Creating a Strategy

With your ECP CS, you will define the steps you will take to find your next best job. You will create a strategy for being hired faster by training and learning how to:

  1. ATS tracking system: How to optimize your resume so that an employer’s ATS system will read that your resume contains what they are looking for in the position you are applying and will be sent into the hands of the person setting up interviews (instead of spitting out a form letter “thank you for applying, etc.!”)
  2. Job Boards: There seems to be a plethora of job boards out there! Your ECP CS will recommend the top job boards that have worked well for our clients as well as how to refine your searches so that you can use your time and energy productively.
  3. LinkedIn: Linked in is a powerful professional social media site. Your ECP CS will train you on how to use LinkedIn as well as tips about diving into finding the contacts you want to know who can help you land the job you’re interested in. According to LinkedIn’s statistics, their platform houses 61 million senior-level influencers and 40 million decision-makers, and they are the most used social media platform by Fortune 500 companies. 
  4. Executive Recruiters: How to discover and connect with the executive recruiters in your industry.
  5. Bi Bundles: Intelligence and scoops in the news about companies that you’re interested in. You and your ECP CS can review the information to decide which contact would be best to contact and from what angle based on this information.
  6. Interviewing: No one is a professional interviewer (but if you are, you might want to look at that…) Your ECP CS will train and review with you about everything from building rapport with who you are interviewing with to how to answer questions with specific examples to show not only that you are qualified but that you have done what they are looking for before.
  7. Changing Industries: Are you considering a different industry from where you’ve worked prior to partnering with ECP? Your ECP CS will train you on how to be considered for jobs in different industries based on your transferable skills and experience.
  8. Overcome Liabilities: We believe you’re perfect, but the prospective employer could ask you why you’ve not been working for the last six months so your ECP CS is an excellent resource to use in bouncing off answers and fine-tuning them so that you can respond with an honest but positive response that helps you rather than hinders you.
  9. Personal Marketing Website: More employers are requiring and expecting candidates they are considering for jobs to have their own website. When you think about it, a website is a virtual portfolio that shows who you are and tells your story visually.

5. Learning About the “Personality” of the Company

Who are the employers, companies, hiring managers you are interested in? ECP offers you several tools and strategies for learning about the “personality” or culture of the companies you are interested in working for. Your ECP CS will also show you how to search for contacts who have similar positions to what you’re interested in so that you can invite them to have a brief conversation about the company, their role and the company’s culture.

6. Defining Your Message

Finally, how will you define your messaging? From everything written about you including your resumes, letters, and website your messaging is the branding of yourself! In today’s fast-paced ever-changing climate not only is it important to convey who you are and what you bring to the table but consider that every communication you send is like a mini-commercial about you that also portrays what working with you would be like.  Are you polite and considerate? Do you take the time to really understand what the job requirement is so that you can help the employer see how you are the perfect fit?

In Summary

To sum it up, your Go-To-Market strategy contains the steps that you will take to bring yourself to the hiring market. On LinkedIn’s job boards, there are currently 131k mid-senior level jobs posted, 28k full-time director level jobs, and 9k executive-level jobs. Indeed.com’s job board shows over 1 million job postings mid-level experience, and 200k+ for senior level. A solid strategy can help you get after looking for your next job. You will be getting the word and information out to prospective employers that you are available for consideration, qualified for the position and ready to get to work! 

At ECP our deepest desire is to help you get hired faster!  And even more than that we want to help you find the kind of job you are most interested in. Together we can engage tools and services that help you through the job search process. Your willingness to partner with ECP, to take a clear look at where you are now and where you want to be and engage in the action steps needed to get there, will assure that you are hired faster!